July 15, 2009

Indoor Exhibit at Mystic Aquarium, CT, USA

Let us explore Indoor Exhibit in Mystic Aquarium in this post. This is the exhibit, where you will spend the maximum amount of time in the aquarium, as there are lot of species to watch in this area.

There is a separate section, where you can find clownfish and anemones. There is another section in this exhibit, where you can find nurse sharks and sand tiger. The green sea turtle is an added attraction in that section. You can find the animals that live in the Amazon by day and the mysterious inhabitants that emerge only at nights in the section named 'Hidden Amazon'. You will be amazed at Hidden Amazon.

Fluorescent Corals section is my favorite one. I really learnt how fluorescence is produced only from here. Nowhere else I have seen coral reef illuminating and changing colors for every minute lively. It was altogether a new experience for me. I am sure you will also enjoy this place.

Anemone garden is located almost at the heart of the indoor exhibit. Here, you can find crabs, sea stars and other such 30-35 species that are generally found in New England area.
Wanna a face to face encounter with sea star? Want to hold a crab or lift a lobster? Everything is possible in the Discovery lab.

There are lot to explore in this area. You can also find species such as sea horse, traveler fish, venomous fish, etc. There is a separate section for nocturnal species where you can find bats too. My memory is not so great. I don't think I can write about all the species in the Indoor Exhibit. Do visit this place, explore more and enjoy. Let me jump onto another exhibit in my next post. Till then...

Happy Travelling.

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  1. Beautiful. That is really amazing collection.