July 16, 2009

Challenge of the Deep at Mystic Aquarium, CT, USA

Wanna become a deep-sea explorer for an hour and find out what lies on the deep ocean floors of the world? Visit 'Challenge of the Deep' exhibit in Mystic Aquarium.

The 'Return to Titanic' section has some of the interesting displays which includes a reproduction of the Marconi Radio Room, a dramatic display that shows how deep in the ocean Titanic lies in comparison with the Empire State Building, and other such interesting things. There is a separate section which has video projections of two deep-sea archaeological expeditions.

The highlight of the exhibit is 3D motion ride. You will get three dimensional feeling of travelling into mysterious and dark world of deep-sea. You will also experience the danger of travelling the inhospitable deep-sea environment and imminent risk of volcanic eruption. You will also get to see a lot of under water creatures which you would have never imagined.

I will brief about the remaining exhibits of Mystic Aquarium in my forthcoming posts. Till then...

Happy Travelling.

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